A Slipped Disc: Where does it go and can chiropractors ‘put it back in’?

Patient’s often complain of a ‘slipped disc’ that’s causing their back pain. Unfortunately, this a big misconception as your discs are strongly attached to the vertebrae in your spine so they can’t actually slip anywhere!

So what’s actually happening then? Read on…

A 'slipped disc' is in fact a disc herniation

What is a ‘slipped disc’ then?

A ‘slipped disc’ is in fact, a herniated disc. People often mistaken the disc to have ‘slipped’ because the gel-like material from the centre of the disc leaks out. The disc does not actually slip or move anywhere!

A twisted back can be the result of a disc herniation

So why does my back feel ‘out’?

The gel that has leaked out can push on nerves and cause a lot of pain, which can also result in a twisted spine. As a result, you’ll feel like your back is ‘out’ because your body has naturally leaned away from where the gel is seeping out to avoid more pain!

A chiropractic adjustment for the low back

Can chiropractors ‘put it back in’?

Since the disc hasn’t actually moved, there’s nothing to put back in!

However, studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments combined with exercise can help with your low back pain (see studies below).

As a result, we often teach patients additional stretches and core exercises to give them the best outcome. Here’s a few examples below!

Exercises for low back pain

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