New Canadian Sports Chiropractor in Bunbury!

Dr. Steve Lee has recently relocated from Sydney to Bunbury. Steve is also an exercise physiologist with years of experience working with elite athletes. He has travelled internationally with Australian Volleyball League as their sports chiropractor.

Sports Chiropractor for the
Australian Volleyball League

Steve works with some of Australia’s top indoor and beach volleyball athletes. He often needs every tool & technique at his disposal. He uses modalities from chiropractic and physiotherapy including:

  • chiropractic adjustments
  • muscle releases (Active Release Techniques, Trigenics)
  • instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisations (FAKTR, Graston)
  • dry needling
  • Rocktape/Kinesiotape
  • rehabilitation exercises
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Common Injuries We Treat

As a sports chiropractor, Steve can help with a variety of injuries including:

  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • muscle strains
  • sports injuries
    • shoulders (rotator cuff tears, bursitis, impingement)
    • elbows (tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow)
    • hips (impingement, bursitis)
    • knees (tendonitis, meniscus, ACL and other ligament sprains)
    • ankle sprains

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