Can Chiropractors Help an Ankle Sprain?

As a sports chiropractor, I am fortunate enough to see lots of sports injuries at my clinic. In fact, ankle sprains are one of the most common sporting injuries! I am often asked, is an ankle sprain something that chiropractors can help with?

The answer is YES. How? Read on…

How Chiropractors Treat an Ankle Sprain

1. Depending on the severity of the ankle sprain, we first need to reduce swelling. There are a variety of ways we can do this at clinic and at home.

2. We then need to restore FULL range of mobility to that ankle so you can move it freely before we move onto rehab. This is where chiropractors are most useful!

A recent study showed manual joint mobilisation diminished pain and increased dorsiflexion range of motion. See link at the end for the full article.

Chiropractic ankle adjustment

3. If the ankle is still in the acute phase, strapping may be required to prevent re-injury.

Strapping for ankle sprain

4. Once swelling has reduced and full ankle mobility has been established, we can start rehabilitation exercises to build stability.

Rehabilitation exercises after ankle sprain

In some instances, we may also use other treatment modalities to assist with your recovery. This includes:
– dry needling
– kinesio tape/Rocktape
– muscle releases

This unfortunately does not cover all ankle sprains. We also need to account for fractures, complete ligament tears, or muscle tears. Please consult your chiropractor if unsure!

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The efficacy of manual joint mobilisation/manipulation in treatment of lateral ankle sprains: a systematic review
Br J Sports Med 2014;48:5 365-370

Click here for the research article